Why managing cyber security risks is essential for financial services companies

Written by: Sure Posted: 15/07/2022

BL78_sure_PaulActon2Paul Acton, Chief Business Officer at Sure, on the bespoke challenges facing the financial sector

The boardroom is where cyber security risks are now on the agenda due to the importance of protecting client information, regulatory compliance and the risk of reputational damage. 

As a result, it’s been quite some time since cyber security was a concern solely for IT departments. In fact, every business professional needs to be aware of the extensive risk factors that come with operating in an increasingly digital world. 

For the Crown Dependencies’ thriving financial services industry, hackers and other cyber criminals remain a persistent threat to the security of personal and corporate data, sensitive financial information and other digital assets. 

Fortunately, Sure Business offers financial services clients a bespoke cyber security service built on three core tenants. 

An IT solution partner you can trust with your data 

The financial services sector has historically been reluctant to move away from on-premises, in-house technology platforms to run its cyber security protection. 

However, the evolving practices of cyber criminals have seen companies in the industry recognise the value of specialist, external support when it comes to a matter as serious and complex as cyber security. 

Sure Business works as a partner for many clients, keeping their data safe and secure, protected by a robust infrastructure that is unmatched within the Crown Dependencies.

Sure maintains advanced local data centres and offshore private and public cloud platforms to ensure that corporate data is kept in the most secure environment possible. 

A range of solutions 

Data has found that 75% of cyber security attacks start via email, as cyber criminals have grown smarter in their efforts to outwit products designed to stop them in their tracks. 

Leveraging the lack of knowledge of an unsuspecting financial services worker has become an increasingly prolific tactic for cyber criminals, so appropriate defences must be in place to protect the individual and the business. 

That’s why Sure Business recommends that financial services clients of all sizes use our Mimecast suite of products and solutions. 

Mimecast is a leading cyber security provider that we work closely with. The business uses multiple detection engines, innovative applications and intelligence feeds to protect clients against malware, phishing, ransomware, malicious URLs and data leaks. 

Sure Business also provides a range of modern workplace solutions, such as Microsoft Teams and Archive for Microsoft Teams, which enable regulatory compliance. 

The Microsoft Teams platform is particularly useful for financial services clients, because it allows firms to see a complete back-up of chat history and other data within the service, meaning any vital lost information can be quickly restored or revisited. 

A knowledgeable team of cyber security experts 

Sure Business prides itself on its highly engaged professional team, each with diverse skills to cater to the various needs of our clients. 

That is why we often recruit IT experts with a background in financial services, to ensure that our team knows exactly what our clients need and how to deliver the best bespoke service possible. 

Our team recognises the need for extensive support that doesn’t stop at the Crown Dependencies: we ensure that clients’ data, which may be in various international locations, remains safe and secure.

Members of our professional services team offer accredited skills across a broad range of technologies – from cloud and modern workplace solutions to cyber security. 

All of these are underpinned by our 24/7 Managed Service capability, offering our clients an unmatched end-to-end service perfectly catered to meet the vast needs of the islands’ many businesses. 

We at Sure Business recognise the immense value the financial services sector brings to our island economy, and we’re proud to offer a full range of ICT services to enable them to continue to work safely and productively. 

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This advertising feature was first published in the June/July issue of Businesslife magazine

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