Legal 500 Guide for 2022 released

Posted: 03/10/2021

The Legal 500 UK 2022 Guide for the UK has been released, which highlights the following law firms and lawyers in the Channel Islands. Below is a selection of categories but the full listings can be found here

Banking and Finance

Tier 1: Carey Olsen, Mourant, Ogier
Tier 2: Appleby, Bedell Cristin, Collas Crill, Walkers
Leading Individuals: Annette Alexander, Carey Olsen; Jeremy Berchem, Appleby; Tom Carey, Carey Olsen; Christopher Jones, Ogier; Marcus Leese, Ogier; Ben Morgan, Carey Olsen; Kate Ovenden, Bedell Cristin; John Rochester, Mourant
Next Generation Partners: Paul Chanter, Ogier; Zoe Hallam, Walkers;Simon Heggs, Collas Crill; Dylan Latimer, Bedell Cristin; Kim Paiva, Walkers; Chet Pohl, Appleby; Frances Watson, Mourant; Helen Wyatt, Mourant
Rising Stars: Alana Gillies, Mourant; Nicole Sorbie, Appleby; Alex Wickens, Collas Crill

Capital Markets
Top firms: Carey Olsen,  Mourant, Ogier
Leading Individuals: Annette Alexander, Carey Olsen; Darren Bacon, Mourant; Craig Cordle, Ogier; David Crosland, Carey Olsen
Rising Stars: Simon Heggs, Collas Crill

Corporate And M&A
Tier 1: Carey Olsen, Mourant Ozannes, Ogier
Tier 2: Appleby, Bedell Cristin, Collas Crill, Walkers
Tier 3: Ferbrache & Farrell
Leading Individuals: Andrew Boyce, Carey Olsen; Tom Carey, Carey Olsen; Gavin Farrell, Ferbrache & Farrell; Tony Lane, Carey Olsen; John Lewis, Mourant Ozannes; Bryon Rees, Ogier; Stuart Tyler, Appleby; Frances Watson, Mourant Ozannes
Next Generation Partners: Simon Heggs, Collas Crill; Chet Pohl, Appleby; John Rochester, Mourant Ozannes
Rising Stars: Charlotte Brown, Ogier; Alana Gillies, Mourant Ozannes; Arya Hashemi, Carey Olsen; Jessica Robinson, Walkers; John Scanlan, Carey Olsen

Dispute Resolution
Tier 1: Carey Olsen, Collas Crill, Mourant, Ogier, Walkers
Tier 2: Appleby, Babbé, Bedell Cristin
Tier 3: AFR Advocates, Ferbrache & Farrell
Hall Of Fame: Simon Davies, Ogier; Gordon Dawes, Mourant Ozannes; John Greenfield, Carey Olsen; Christian Hay, Collas Crill; Alison Ozanne, Walkers Cayman; Ian Swan, Babbé; Jeremy Wessels, Mourant Ozannes; Tim Corfield, Carey Olsen; Paul Richardson, AFR Advocates
Leading Individuals: Michael Adkins, Collas Crill; Sarah Brehaut, Walkers; Karen Le Cras, Carey Olsen; Alasdair Davidson, Bedell Cristin; Mark Dunster, Carey Olsen; Elaine Gray, Carey Olsen; Abel Lyall, Mourant
Todd McGuffin, Babbé; Mathew Newman, Ogier; Nicholas Robison, Babbé; Anthony Williams, Appleby
Next Generation Partners: Richard Field, Appleby; Ben Havard, Collas Crill; David Jones, Carey Olsen; Martin Jones, Ferbrache & Farrell; Bryan De Verneuil-Smith, Ogier
Rising Stars: Chantal Barrett, Mourant; Sarah Millar, Ferbrache & Farrell; Nin Ritchie, Collas Crill; Julia Schaefer, Carey Olsen; James Tee, Collas Crill

Banking And Finance

Tier 1: Carey Olsen, Mourant, Ogier
Tier 2: Appleby, Bedell Cristin, Collas Crill, Walkers
Tier 3: Maples Group, Viberts
Tier 4: Edward Scott and Co, Pinel Advocates, Ward Yates
Hall Of Fame: Gareth Rigby, Mourant Ozannes
Leading Individuals: Kate Andrews, Carey Olsen
Alexandra Corner, Walkers; Mark Dunlop, Bedell Cristin; Katrina Edge, Ogier; Simon Felton, Ogier; Peter German, Carey Olsen; Bruce MacNeil, Ogier; Tim Pearce, Bedell Cristin; Edward Scott, Edward Scott and Co; Robin Smith, Carey Olsen; Nick Ward, Ward Yates; Nigel Weston, Walkers
Next Generation Partners: Matthew Gilley, Collas Crill; Sarah Huelin, Mourant; Christophe Kalinauckas, Appleby; Elaine Kelly, Ward Yates
Rising Stars: Amy Black, Maples Group; Antony Clerehugh, Bedell Cristin; Fiona Dalton, Carey Olsen; James Daniel, Mourant; Malcolm Ellis, Bedell Cristin; Christine Fox, Collas Crill; Julia Keppe, Walkers; James Lydeard, Ogier; Kate McCaffrey, Ogier; Kevin McQuillan, Appleby

Capital Markets
Tier 1: Bedell Cristin, Carey Olsen, Mourant, Ogier
Tier 2: Appleby, Maples Group
Leading Individuals: Raulin Amy, Ogier; Kate Andrews, Carey Olsen; Simon Felton, Ogier; James Gaudin, Appleby; Robert Hickling, Mourant; Alasdair Hunter, Bedell Cristin; Bruce MacNeil, Ogier; Simon Marks, Carey Olsen
Next Generation Partners: Amy Demetriou, Mourant; Christophe Kalinauckas, Appleby
Rising Stars: Alexander Curry, Ogier; Matthew Ecobichon, Carey Olsen; Ashley Morrison, Carey Olsen; Louise Ridgway, Bedell Cristin

Commercial Property
Tier 1: Appleby, BCR Law, Carey Olsen, Collas Crill, Ogier
Tier 2: Bedell Cristin, Mourant
Tier 3: Parslows, Viberts, Voisin Law
Hall Of Fame: Tim Hart, Appleby; Julie Melia, Mourant; Christopher Philpott, Carey Olsen
Leading Individuals: Martin Le Boutillier, Collas Crill; Jonathan Hughes, Ogier: Wendy Lambert, BCR Law
Next Generation Partners: Pamela Doherty, Collas Crill; Natalie Harris, Voisin Law; Jeff O'Boyle, Bedell Cristin
Rising Stars: Jonathan Anderson, Appleby; Emma Baker, BCR Law; Katharine Marshall, Ogier; Hannah Robinson, Bedell Cristin; Will Whitehead, Carey Olsen

Corporate And Commercial
Tier 1: Carey Olsen, Mourant, Ogier
Tier 2: Appleby, Bedell Cristin, Maples Group, Walkers
Tier 3: Collas Crill, Edward Scott and Co, Viberts, Voisin Law
Tier 4: BCR Law, Lexstone Lawyers, Parslows, Pinel Advocates, Ward Yates
Hall Of Fame: Robert Hickling, Mourant Ozannes; Alex Ohlsson, Carey Olsen; Raulin Amy, Ogier; Guy Coltman, Carey Olsen; James Hill, Mourant
Leading Individuals: Chris Byrne, Maples Group; Simon Dinning, Ogier; Jonathan Heaney, Walkers; Guy Westmacott, Bedell Cristin
Next Generation Partners: Paul Burton, Maples Group; Richard Daggett, Ogier; David Taylor, Carey Olsen; James Willmott, Carey Olsen; Jon Woolrich, Mourant
Rising Stars: David Allen, Carey Olsen; Anna Cochrane, Maples Group; Eleanor Colley, Viberts; Alexander Curry, Ogier; Marie; Claire Fudge, Ogier; Kevin McQuillan, Appleby; Guy Morris, Walkers; Oliver Richardson, Ogier

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