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August  2022  (12)

  • Safe harbour in uncertain times

    BLCITY22_Stability2Amid rising turbulence and uncertainty across many of the world’s major financial markets, the Channel Islands are proving they are an increasingly secure and stable partner to City firms As the world grapples with rising costs, interest rate hikes and the impact of the Russian invasion of Uk...     [read more]

    By David Burrows on  19 August 2022 
  • Jersey: for work and for life

    Locate Jersey logo 2017With a strong business infrastructure, excellent connections to other major business centres, and a friendly, safe, cosmopolitan community where traditional values sit at the very heart of a contemporary lifestyle, Jersey offers the chance for a genuine work-life balance A longstanding reputation f...     [read more]

    By Locate Jersey on  18 August 2022 
  • Locate Guernsey: opening the door to opportunity

    Locate Guernsey logoLocate Guernsey is a government agency providing free and impartial advice to businesses and individuals looking to move to Guernsey. Established in 2015, the agency acts as a single point of contact within government, offering guidance on many aspects of island life to help prospective residents an...     [read more]

    By Locate Guernsey on  17 August 2022 
  • Green growth

    BLCITY22_GREENGreen finance has multiplied more than 100-fold in the past 10 years but still represents only around 4% of the overall financial markets. The Channel Islands’ financial services sector is at the heart of efforts to drive further growth London has for some time been considered a global powerh...     [read more]

    By Steve Falla on  15 August 2022 
  • SEC private fund proposed reforms

    KPMG logo_jan21Simon Guilbert, Audit Director at KPMG in the Crown Dependencies, examines some of the key takeaways around the Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent proposed rule changes for private fund advisers In February, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed regulatory reforms tha...     [read more]

    By KPMG on  12 August 2022 
  • Women: mind the gap

    BLCITY22_women illoWomen held just 5% of CEO positions In financial services firms in 2021, 19% of c-suite roles and 21% of board seats. So what’s being done to rectify this – and how can firms bring about real change? Part of the answer lies in a change to the language of diversity In March this year, th...     [read more]

    By Sophie McCarthy on  10 August 2022 
  • The importance of diversification

    BL78_TMGA_logoMichael Caetano, a founder and Senior Investment Director at TMGA Wealth Management, discusses the importance of diversification and how this is especially critical in the current investment landscape In our last article, ‘Negotiating a VUCA world’, we discussed the importance of having...     [read more]

    By TMGA on  9 August 2022 
  • PE: the unseen takeover

    BLCITY22_PE illo1As the stock market grabs the headlines of the business pages with billion-dollar valuations, investment scandals and failed IPOs, away from the spotlight – and the volatility – private equity is recording ground-breaking results Some of the figures around private equity (PE) activity a...     [read more]

    By Marco de Novellis on  8 August 2022 
  • The future of investing

    SpringIM logo may22Spring IM Chief Executive Simon O’ Donoghue and Head of Investment Solutions Carmen Tyler on an investment platform for all We live in exciting times – the evolution of technology knows no bounds. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotic process automation, edge computing, ...     [read more]

    By Spring IM on  5 August 2022 
  • Legal services: London calling

    BLCITY22_Law courtsAmid an increasingly complex financial environment, the demand for Channel Islands-savvy lawyers is surging among City firms. Many jersey and guernsey law firms are finding value in putting people on the ground in the City, while others are focusing on finding ‘jurisdiction-agnostic’ tal...     [read more]

    By Gill Wadsworth on  5 August 2022 
  • UBS Global Financial Intermediaries in Jersey

    UBS logoThe UBS Global Financial Intermediaries team in Jersey (FIM Jersey) has been providing a dedicated offering to discretionary fund managers/external asset managers, family offices and funds for more than 15 years the FIM jersey model creates a triangular arrangement between the end-client, the discr...     [read more]

    By UBS on  3 August 2022 
  • Fiduciary frenzy

    BLCITY22_Fiduciaries illoTen years ago, the Channel Islands witnessed a flurry of management buyout activity across fiduciary services. Today, the growing need for expert and secure services means fiduciary providers are  Cast your mind back a decade or so and, if you were a participant or observer of the fiduciaries ...     [read more]

    By David Stirling on  1 August 2022 

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