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  • How to... Manage mental health in your workplace

    BL60_How toAfter more than a year of the pandemic, with many people feeling isolated working from home and others struggling to manage family responsibilities such as home tuition alongside their normal workload, mental health has become a concerning issue for many organisations. How can you support your peopl...     [read more]

    By Alexander Garrett on  30 April 2021 
  • Books and resources review

    BL_Books thBOOKS Fall: The Mystery of Robert Maxwell by John Preston (Viking, £18.99, hardback)  A timely revisit of the life of the erstwhile press magnate, approaching the 30th anniversary of his disappearance over the side of his yacht. Captain Bob, owner of the Daily Mirror and New York Daily N...     [read more]

    By Alexander Garrett on  26 April 2021 
  • Talking points: cats, batteries, thin ice

    BL_Talking PointsMinority report The number of black leaders at FTSE 100 companies has fallen to zero, according to research from executive recruitment and diversity consultancy agency Green Park, whose annual Business Leaders Index recorded no black people in the role of chair, CEO or CFO for the first time since i...     [read more]

    By Alexander Garrett on  22 April 2021 
  • Virtual handshakes

    BL72_relationships illoThe pandemic has overhauled the ways in which wealth managers liaise with their clients. But what has the impact been on those relationships? and which of these new-found ways of managing relationships will stay post-Covid? Everyone is a homebody now. Even in regions that have been less affected by...     [read more]

    By David Craik on  19 April 2021 
  • Am I trustworthy?

    Leaders logo mar21Phil Eyre, Founder of Leaders, considers the five principles of trust and how to challenge yourself on whether you hold them Trust is a powerful thing. It’s essential for sustainable high performance. Trust is the basis on which true empowerment happens within any organisation, the foundation...     [read more]

    By Leaders on  15 April 2021 
  • Thinking outside the box

    BL72_Altinv 2Amid increasing appetite for diversified portfolios, investors are turning to a wider range of alternative investments. But what are the challenges posed by investing in movable physical assets, both for investors and trustees? With recent global economic and political turbulence, many family offic...     [read more]

    By Dr Desne Masie on  12 April 2021 
  • Safe as houses

    BL72_property2High-end property has long been growing in favour among high-net-worth investors. But has turbulence from the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit changed what investors are looking for? And does property remain a secure way for HNW individuals to diversify their portfolios?  When Gouray Lodge, a hist...     [read more]

    By Alexander Garrett on  5 April 2021 
  • Code breakers: the PwC Hive Academy boosting young people’s confidence

    Working closely with schools, businesses can play a key role in equipping young people to succeed in a digital world. This is what PwC’s Hive Academy aims to do. We don’t just teach technical skills, but also help to instil the 4Cs of edtech – curiosity, creativity, collaboration a...     [read more]

    By PwC on  1 April 2021 

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