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Our Products
PureClient is a new pioneering client data management platform that will maintain client records for any entity or relationship. Built with an integrated customer due diligence and risk assessment tool, PureClient has 4-eyes control throughout that will ensure your business can trust the data within it.

Designed to support FATCA, PureClient provides the necessary transparency to enable “look-through reporting” that is needed to manage sophisticated structures and automatically identify U.S. or other high risk entities and relationships.

PureClient will automatically manage new, outstanding and renewable KYC and ensure entity documentation is stored and quickly retrievable on the integrated document management platform.

PureFunds is a powerful and intuitive investment administration platform supporting Hedge Fund, Mutual Fund, Private Equity and Real Estate businesses within a single application.

PureFunds multi-currency transfer agency platform brings a new and dynamic approach to dealing and administrative activities ensuring that all client, fund and company registers are automatically updated. The flexible straight- through batch processing functionality will automatically process, file and email all client correspondence. This functionality will minimise business risk and deliver many efficiencies without compromising control, integrity or security.

To find out more how Puritas can help your business.

Contact: Mike Feighan - Director
Phone: +44 (0) 1534 874100
Email: mike.feighan@puritas.co.uk
URL: http://www.puritas.co.uk

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