Latest Chambers ranks CI law firms

Posted: 01/03/2018

The rankings of law firms and lawyers across the Channel Islands have been highlighted in Chambers and Partners' recently published Chambers Global directory. 

The directory aims to identify outstanding law firms worldwide and now covers more than 190 jurisdictions. The 2018 edition ranks law firms based on technical expertise and client service.


Corporate & Finance including Investment Funds 
Band 1: Carey Olsen
Band 2: Appleby, Bedell Cristin, Collas Crill, Mourant Ozannes, Ogier
Band 3: Babbé, Walkers

Ranked lawyers
Senior Statesmen: Graham Hall (Carey Olsen)
Band 1: Gavin J Farrell (Ferbrache & Farrell)
Band 2: Christopher Anderson (Carey Olsen); Andrew Boyce (Carey Olsen); Tom Carey (Carey Olsen); Ben Morgan (Carey Olsen); Stuart Tyler (Babbé); Frances Watson (Mourant Ozannes); Paul Wilkes (Collas Crill)
Band 3: Darren Bacon (Mourant Ozannes); Caroline Chan (Mourant Ozannes); David Crosland (Carey Olsen); Mark Helyar (Bedell Cristin); John Lewis (Mourant Ozannes); David Moore (Collas Crill); Kate Ovenden (Bedell Cristin); Sam Shires (Walkers)
Associates to watch: James Cooke (Carey Olsen); Andrew Lister (Carey Olsen)

Dispute resolution
Band 1: Mourant Ozannes
Band 2: Babbé, Carey Olsen, Collas Crill, Ogier
Band 3: AFR Advocates, Bedell Cristin
Band 4: Ashton Barnes Tee, Walkers

Ranked lawyers
Band 1: Simon Davies (Ogier); John Greenfield (Carey Olsen); Ian Swan (Babbé); Jeremy Wessels (Mourant Ozannes)
Band 2: Alasdair Davidson (Bedell Cristin); Gordon Dawes (Mourant Ozannes); Christopher Edwards (Mourant Ozannes); Christian Hay (Collas Crill); Karen Le Cras (Carey Olsen); Jeremy Le Tissier (Ashton Barnes Tee); Mathew Newman (Ogier); Paul Richardson (AFR Advocates); Robert G Shepherd (Mourant Ozannes)
Band 3: Jon Barclay (Bedell Cristin); Nick Barnes (Ashton Barnes Tee); Gareth Bell (Collas Crill); Tim C Corfield (Carey Olsen); Mark Dunster (Carey Olsen); Mark Ferbrache (AFR Advocates); Simon Geall (AFR Advocates); Alison Ozanne (Walkers); Anthony Williams (Appleby)
Up and Coming: Sarah Brehaut (Walkers)
Associates to watch: Adam Cole (Ferbrache & Farrell)

Band 1: Carey Olsen
Band 2: Mourant Ozannes
Band 3: Babbé, Collas Grill, Ogier

Ranked lawyers
Senior Statesmen: Simon Howitt (Babbé)
Band 1: Russell Clark (Carey Olsen)
Band 2: Angela Calnan (Collas Crill); Gavin Ferguson (Ogier); Konrad Friedlaender (Carey Olsen); Matthew Guthrie (Mourant Ozannes)
Band 3: Raymond Ashton (Ashton Barnes Tee); Nicholas Donnithorne (Babbé)
Associates to watch: Kerrie Le Tissier (Collas Crill); Patricia Montgomery (Carey Olsen)


Corporate & Finance
Band 1: Carey Olsen, Mourant Ozannes, Ogier
Band 2: Appleby, Bedell Cristin
Band 3: Walkers

Ranked lawyers
Band 1: Robert Hickling (Mourant Ozannes)
Band 2: Raulin Amy (Ogier); Wendy Benjamin (Appleby); Guy Coltman (Carey Olsen); Mark T Dunlop (Bedell Cristin); Katrina Edge (Ogier); Alasdair Hunter (Bedell Cristin); Alex Ohlsson (Carey Olsen); Timothy WJ Pearce (Bedell Cristin); James Ruane (Mourant Ozannes); Andrew Weaver (Appleby)
Band 3: Alexandra Corner (Walkers); Simon Dinning (Ogier); Gareth Rigby (Mourant Ozannes); Matthew Shaxson (Ogier); Robin Smith (Carey Olsen); Nigel Weston (Walkers)
Up and Coming: Richard Daggett (Ogier)

Dispute resolution
Band 1: Bedell Cristin, Carey Olsen, Mourant Ozannes
Band 2: Appleby, Baker & Partners, Collas Crill, Ogier
Band 3: BCR Law, Dickinson Gleeson, Walkers

Ranked lawyers
Eminent Practitioners: Edward Mackereth (Ogier); Michael O'Connell (Appleby)
Star Individuals: Anthony Robinson (Bedell Cristin); Jonathan Speck (Mourant Ozannes)
Band 1: Stephen Baker (Baker & Partners); David Cadin (Bedell Cristin); Nuno Santos-Costa (Collas Crill)
Band 2: David Benest (BCR Law); Michael Cushing (Appleby); James Dickinson (Dickinson Gleeson); James Gleeson (Dickinson Gleeson); Damian James (Collas Crill); John Kelleher (Carey Olsen); Andreas Kistler (Carey Olsen); 
Fraser Robertson (Appleby); Nigel Sanders (Ogier)
Band 3: Edward Drummond (Bedell Cristin); Damian Evans (Walkers); Justin Harvey-Hills (Mourant Ozannes); Bruce Lincoln (Mourant Ozannes); Elena Moran (Collas Crill); William Redgrave (Baker & Partners); Mark Renouf (BCR Law); Lisa Springate (Bedell Cristin); Mark Taylor (Bedell Cristin); David Wilson (Oben Law)
Up and Coming: Nick Williams (Ogier)

Investment funds
Band 1: Mourant Ozannes
Band 2: Bedell Cristin, Carey Olsen, Ogier
Band 3: Appleby

Ranked lawyers
Band 1: Ben Robins (Mourant Ozannes)
Band 2: Emily Haithwaite (Ogier); Joel Hernandez (Mourant Ozannes); Robert Milner (Carey Olsen); Timothy Morgan (Mourant Ozannes); James Mulholland (Carey Olsen); Martin Paul (Bedell Cristin); Jacqueline Richomme (Mourant Ozannes); Andrew Weaver (Appleby)
Band 3: Niamh Lalor (Ogier); Daniel O'Connor (Carey Olsen)
Up and Coming: Dilmun Leach (Collas Crill)

Band 1: Bedell Cristin, Mourant Ozannes, Ogier
Band 2:  Carey Olsen

Ranked lawyers
Star Individuals: Steve Meiklejohn (Ogier); Jonathan Speck (Mourant Ozannes)
Band 1: Edward Devenport (Mourant Ozannes); Sally A Edwards (Ogier); Zillah Howard (Bedell Cristin); Paul Matthams (Carey Olsen)
Band 2: Edward Bennett (Bedell Cristin); James Campbell (Ogier); Giles Corbin (Mourant Ozannes); Siobhan Riley (Carey Olsen)
Band 3: David Dorgan (Appleby); Bruce Lincoln (Mourant Ozannes); Katherine Neal (Ogier); Kellyann Ozouf (Collas Crill); Nigel Pearmain (Voisin); Craig Swart (Dickinson Gleeson); Victoria Yates (Ward Yates)
Up and Coming: Nancy Chien (Bedell Cristin)
Associates to watch: Josephine Howe (Ogier)

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