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May  2020  (8)

  • High fees on the high seas

    BL67_superyachts1Owning a superyacht is often complicated and always expensive, but some firms in the Channel Islands have spotted an opportunity to make life easier for wealthy boat owners – and a healthy profit in the process  As any visitor or resident will know, Jersey and Guernsey are no strangers t...     [read more]

    By Dominic Dudley on  25 May 2020 
  • PwC: Five ways to unleash the full force of your data

    Your organisation is awash with data, but how much of it are you able to use effectively? PwC recently partnered with British Athletics to help it harness the power of data to inspire performance. Drawing on the lessons learned from this project, and how this relates to key challenges facing busines...     [read more]

    By PwC on  22 May 2020 
  • Definitions of control

    BL67_control illoMore families are seeking to retain a degree of ongoing control when they set up wealth structures. How are they structured, what are the benefits and how much control can and can’t be secured? People are increasingly seeking to have more control over their personal and working lives – ...     [read more]

    By David Craik on  18 May 2020 
  • How ESG is being driven by what really matters

    Intertrust logoThe financial services sector is playing an active role in not just preserving the future of our planet, but also considering broader social factors. Many think this is solely client-driven, but Ian Rumens (pictured), Global Head of Private Wealth at Intertrust, insists that companies need to strive...     [read more]

    By Intertrust on  15 May 2020 
  • It’s not easy being green

    BL67_sustainability illoBarely a day passes without mention of the need to increase our green credentials, for companies to ensure they are acting sustainably, and for the sector to deliver ethical products. But just how green is the finance sector? It feels like every day there’s a new commitment. A major multinati...     [read more]

    By Richard Willsher on  11 May 2020 
  • C5: I’ll have my bot call your bot

    C5_logo_2019John Gamble (pictured), Director of Professional Services at C5 Alliance, asks whether digital bots and other technologies are helping businesses gain valuable insights that truly enhance performance Imagine a world where you don’t have to remember to renew your home insurance – or your...     [read more]

    By C5 Alliance on  8 May 2020 
  • India: The fastest growing economy on the planet

    BL67_India illoWhat will India’s soaring affluence mean for wealth managers, international investors and the offshore experts who advise them? The Indian population is getting richer faster than any other economy on the planet. Private wealth in the country soared by 98% between 2008 and 2018 and this is ex...     [read more]

    By Amy Carroll on  4 May 2020 
  • UBS: The fear factor

    UBS logoIn 1933, with the US’s Great Depression at its peak, Franklin D Roosevelt’s inaugural speech included the famous words: “The only thing we have to fear is... fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance...     [read more]

    By UBS on  1 May 2020 

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