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May  2019  (11)

  • UBS: sustainable investing

    UBS logoUBS is one of the world’s largest private banks and winner of multiple awards, including Global Best Overall Private Banking Services (1). Rachel Whittaker, Director of Sustainable Investment at UBS Wealth Management in Zurich, and Robert Broughton, Senior Client Advisor at UBS Wealth Man...     [read more]

    By UBS on  31 May 2019 
  • Wealth transfer: handle with care

    BL62_wealthtransferAs baby boomers prepare to pass on unprecedented amounts of wealth to their millennial children, how can they and their advisers ensure that the next generation holds on to this hard-earned wealth?  Over the next three decades in the UK, £1.2trn worth of assets are forecast to be passed ...     [read more]

    By Gill Wadsworth on  30 May 2019 
  • CGWM: The best of both worlds

    Canaccord Genuity logo 2019Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (CGWM) has seen continued success for its Select Portfolio Service (SPS), launched in response to a demand from financial intermediaries for an entry-level, risk-based managed portfolio service. It is available to anyone with more than £100,000 to invest. Ti...     [read more]

    By Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management on  29 May 2019 
  • In focus: cryptocurrency and blockchain

    BL62_cryptoWILL THE REAL USE FOR CRYPTOCURRENCIES PLEASE STAND UP? Cryptocurrencies started as payments systems, Then became niche financial assets. Now, especially for the Channel Islands, their underlying technology is driving efficiencies in finance, reports Paul Bryant Cryptocurrencies have been on a wil...     [read more]

    By BL Global on  24 May 2019 
  • C5: Digital transformation

    C5_logo_2019John Gamble, Sponsor of the Data Practice at C5 Alliance, believes that a new generation of vendor analytic tools is revolutionising what businesses can do with their data. However, data quality is the key to reaping the benefits of these developments  Digital transformation is a hot topic for...     [read more]

    By C5 Alliance on  22 May 2019 
  • The reality of charity

    BL62_philanthropyToday’s philanthropists want to tackle big environmental and social issues. but Advisers to high-net-worth donors need to be prepared to hold their client’s hand on a long and sometimes unrewarding journey it’s said Money can’t buy you happiness, but you can’t fault us...     [read more]

    By Jack Flanagan on  22 May 2019 
  • Locate Jersey: First Intuition in profile

    Locate Jersey logo 2017After forging a successful career in professional training in Guernsey, Sarah Colley, now Managing Partner, First Intuition, Channel Islands, decided it was the right time to bring the concept of First Intuition – the UK-wide professional services training network – to Jersey. Pictured l...     [read more]

    By Locate Jersey on  21 May 2019 
  • Feeling the pinch

    BL62_cost of livingThe price of luxury goods is rising faster than consumer goods on the high street. The wealthy may need to rethink their investment strategies if they don’t want to see the value of their assets decline in real terms THE cost of living is going up – but the cost of living well is rising...     [read more]

    By Alexander Garrett on  20 May 2019 
  • Quilter Cheviot: Advance to Mayfair!

    Quilter Cheviot logoFrancis Clayton (pictured below), Executive Director at Quilter Cheviot Investment Management in Jersey, on how the game of Monopoly explains investing’s most important concept Do you understand investing? Most people I know would probably  say no. They might understand when  their ...     [read more]

    By Quilter Cheviot on  16 May 2019 
  • How to... Succession plan

    BL60_How toWhat is it? “Succession planning focuses on identifying and growing talent to fill leadership and business-critical positions in the future,” says the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). “There’s no one model for succession planning as its focus is likely...     [read more]

    By Alexander Garrett on  15 May 2019 
  • The Interview: Sue Fox

    BL62_SueFoxIn the latest chapter of an impressive 30-year career at HSBC, Sue Fox has joined the bank’s Channel Islands and Isle of Man operation as CEO. She comes armed with an agenda of growth, great service and inclusion What’s your background and how did you get to where you are now? It&rsquo...     [read more]

    By Eila Madden on  13 May 2019 

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