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June  2020  (9)

  • Lockdown lessons

    BL68_Lessons in lockdownMuch has been written about the speed and agility with which companies around the world moved entire workforces to remote working almost overnight. But will these more flexible and remote working practices remain once the crisis is over and the world returns to some semblance of normality? When the...     [read more]

    By Jessica Furseth on  29 June 2020 
  • Future View: Rathbone

    Future View logoTim Ford, Investment Director at Rathbone Investment Management International, considers the prospects of a responsible recession A huge amount has changed in the first six months of this year, so much so that the world will look a little different and be permanently changed to some degree onc...     [read more]

    By Rathbone on  26 June 2020 
  • AI: thinking big

    BL68_AI illoThe indicators of what makes a company successful are changing rapidly, and organisations are turning to artificial intelligence to measure and analyse performance. But does the technology work – and does it suit all sectors? The majority of a company’s long-term value is now reflected ...     [read more]

    By David Burrows on  25 June 2020 
  • Covid-19: We are here for you

    Quilter Cheviot logoTimes of crisis can be disconcerting for everyone. But Allie McMahon (pictured below), Business Development Manager at Quilter Cheviot, says the investment firm is on hand to provide the support needed during the current situation A global pandemic is something we have never experienced before, alt...     [read more]

    By Quilter Cheviot on  24 June 2020 
  • Future View: Jersey Finance

    Future View logoJersey Finance CEO Joe Moynihan (right) and Global Head of Business Development Allan Wood (below) explain how the organisation is standing ready to support the future of wealth management JOE MOYNIHAN The future of the wealth management industry is difficult to predict at this time, while bu...     [read more]

    By Jersey Finance on  23 June 2020 
  • The Interview: Naomi Rive and Martin Hall

    BL68_NaomiRive and MartinHallNaomi Rive and Martin Hall founded private wealth and fund administrator Highvern Group via a management buy-out of Coutts & Co Trustees. Nearly four years on, they tell us how the service offering has changed since becoming owner-managed, where the next growth opportunities lie for wealth busin...     [read more]

    By Jon Watkins on  22 June 2020 
  • Better together

    BL68 PPP ropesThe response of Jersey’s and Guernsey’s governments to business needs resulting from Covid-19 far exceeded any previous requirements placed on them. So how can businesses and authorities team up to preserve reputation and build market share? The word ‘unprecedented’ has beco...     [read more]

    By Steve Falla on  19 June 2020 
  • Passing the test of time

    Submariner 1953 Rolex_Jean- Daniel Meyer Most don’t deliver great investment returns, and a raft of digital developments continue to challenge their standing, but demand for high-end wristwatches continues to grow. So what’s the appeal of watches to the wealthy? Picture the scene. It’s 1962. A handsome man is walking alo...     [read more]

    By Len Williams on  8 June 2020 
  • My data, my rules?

    BL67_Personal data illoEvery corporation wants to harvest and scrutinise your personal data. But what if you could take back control and share it on your terms, Or even sell it?  In 2012 there was outrage when US retailer Target posted a maternity pack to a young girl. The company had deduced from her buying habits ...     [read more]

    By Tim Green on  1 June 2020 

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