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  • Surveillance economy: for better or worse?

    BL68_surveillance illoProductive, predictable and useful or manipulative, malign and intrusive? Corporations and governments routinely use our data – but when does this challenge our privacy and civil liberties? In 1995, Tesco launched the Clubcard. It was to be a gamechanger for the UK supermarket chain, enabling...     [read more]

    By Richard Willsher on  13 July 2020 
  • UBS: Digital transformation

    UBS logoCovid-19 has become the single most important driver for financial markets over the past few months, and lockdown measures have been fundamental in accelerating a global digital transformation. UBS Jersey Client Advisor Philip Legrand discusses how UBS is reacting to these potentially lasting change...     [read more]

    By UBS on  8 July 2020 
  • Future View: Duff & Phelps

    Future View logoMalin Nilsson, Managing Director of Duff & Phelps Channel Islands, weighs up a new approach for a new world There is much talk of the ‘new normal’ in terms of regulation and ways of working as a result of Covid-19. As some industries and sectors are being fundamentally restructured,...     [read more]

    By Duff & Phelps on  7 July 2020 
  • End of the old ways

    BL68_ProjMan illoHospitals created in days, thousands of employees relocated overnight… Many will wonder why we can’t always be this efficient. So has the Covid-19 pandemic been the make or break of project management? All across the world, extraordinary feats have been achieved over the past few month...     [read more]

    By Alexander Garrett on  6 July 2020 
  • Fast forward innovation

    BL68_innov illoThe Covid-19 pandemic has changed temporary working practices far beyond employees working from home, with centuries-old processes replaced almost overnight. But how will the lessons learned during lockdown shape our business, finance and legal sectors going forward? Nobody could have predicted at ...     [read more]

    By David Craik on  2 July 2020 
  • Future View: Deloitte

    Future View logoJohn Clacy, Partner in Charge at Deloitte Channel Islands, considers the importance of creating trust to drive recovery Lessons have been learnt within the corporate world, including breaking down barriers to collaboration using technology, encouraging innovation, flattening business structures and...     [read more]

    By Deloitte on  1 July 2020 

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