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July  2019  (13)

  • The interview: Nigel Le Quesne

    BL63_NigelLeQuesneJTC’s shared ownership model has been at the heart of the firm’s 30-year growth story, which has seen it go through owner management, private equity backing and, most recently, a London listing. Now, the approach has earned it case study status on Harvard Business School’s MBA cour...     [read more]

    By Eila Madden on  30 July 2019 
  • Estate planning for global blended families

    RBC Wealth Management logo Jul19How RBC Wealth Management supports increasingly international families with complex requirements With the number of blended families rising and their heirs increasingly spread around the globe, determining the best way to organise their estate and support them can be perplexing. Families that cross...     [read more]

    By RBC Wealth Management on  25 July 2019 
  • Do we need People’s Quantitative Easing?

    BL63_QE_illoPost-financial crisis, UK growth has stalled, despite heaps of money being pumped into banking via quantitative easing (QE). there are now calls for A ‘QE for the people’, but what is it and could it be the solution to the low-growth dilemma? Between 2010 and 2018, the average real annu...     [read more]

    By Chris Menon on  24 July 2019 
  • Duty of care

    BL63_MentalHealth illoMore and more employers are recognising their moral responsibility to look after staff as they face up to stark statistics about poor mental health in the workplace “I used my training a few times,” says Jason Hamon of his time as a mental health first-aider at wealth manager and employ...     [read more]

    By Emma De Vita on  22 July 2019 
  • Green finance gathers momentum

    CITY_ESG illo Ethical investing has turned a corner and is now a credible contender for delivering positive returns. Greater cohesion between Guernsey’s and Jersey’s respective sustainable finance initiatives will allow the Channel Islands to build on the momentum they have already achieved in this fi...     [read more]

    By Gill Wadsworth on  10 July 2019 
  • Locate Jersey: 7IM in profile

    Locate Jersey logo 2017With more than 20 years’ experience in the investment management industry in Jersey and the UK, Grant Hamilton was ready to take on a new challenge with an entrepreneurial edge. So when renowned investment management company Seven Investment Management (7IM) decided to expand, it asked Grant t...     [read more]

    By Locate Jersey on  9 July 2019 
  • Averting catastrophe

    CITY_ILS illoInsurance-linked securities marry insurers in search of capital with investors in search of risk to cover. Guernsey’s long history of innovation in this area has rewarded the island with a thriving market in the investment instrument As a thriving centre of investment and insurance in the Cha...     [read more]

    By Kirsty Whittle on  8 July 2019 
  • The REITs revolution

    CITY_REITS illoThe Channel Islands are giving London a run for its money as the home to a growing number of high-profile property investments In January this year, Jersey-domiciled Stonecutter Investments was admitted to the official list of The International Stock Exchange (TISE) with little fanfare.  Even...     [read more]

    By Alexander Garrett on  5 July 2019 
  • Fintech: ahead of the pack

    CITY_fintech illoFor decades, the Channel Islands have punched well above their weight in financial services. Can their test bed environment help them stay ahead as the sector embraces radical digital innovation? In 2014, the Bitcoin world was in trouble. The world’s biggest crypto exchange, Mt Gox, had just ...     [read more]

    By Tim Green on  4 July 2019 
  • The grand scheme of things

    M&A Russian dollsMore and more Large M&A deals are being conducted through schemes of arrangement. Why are they such a popular vehicle and what advantages do they have over traditional takeover offers? Takeover deals aren’t run like they used to be. In the past, when a company spotted a merger or acquisit...     [read more]

    By Dominic Dudley on  3 July 2019 
  • UBS: Why borrow if you’re already wealthy?

    UBS logoThe Financial Intermediaries (FIM) team at UBS Wealth Management in Jersey has been providing a dedicated offering to external asset managers (EAMs) for over 10 years. Rather than selecting borrowing as a strategy for emergencies only, we believe that investors can also deploy it as a tool to provid...     [read more]

    By UBS on  2 July 2019 
  • A trusted place to restructure

    Restructuring illoAs home to many holding companies, Guernsey was forced to upskill in the area of restructuring and insolvency in the wake of the financial crisis. Today, it has become a jurisdiction of choice for businesses in distress Restructuring and Insolvency work is big. As the economy squeezes, this discipl...     [read more]

    By David Burrows on  2 July 2019 
  • The Interview: Andrew McLaughlin

    CITY_McLaughlinAfter delivering on a four-year growth strategy, RBS International CEO Andrew McLaughlin has begun a programme of digital transformation for the Jersey-based bank. But, he says, all stakeholders on the island must put their shoulder to the wheel if Jersey is to win in this fourth industrial revoluti...     [read more]

    By Eila Madden on  1 July 2019 

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