GFSC publishes Q1 investment statistics

Posted: 14/06/2019

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission has released statistics for the first quarter of 2019. The highlights are listed below:

• Investment funds The net asset value of total funds under management and administration has decreased in sterling terms during the quarter ended 31 March 2019 by £1.3bn (0.5%) to £280.4bn. For the year since 31 March 2018, total net asset values increased by £17.9bn (6.8%). 

• Open-ended funds Within these totals, Guernsey domiciled open-ended funds remained unchanged over the quarter at £42.5bn. This represents an increase of £0.7bn (1.6%) over the year since 31 March 2018.

• Closed-ended funds The closed-ended sector decreased over the quarter by £2.1bn (-1.2%) to £174.2bn. This represents an increase of £6.4bn (3.8%) over the year since 31 March 2018.

• Non-Guernsey schemes Schemes for which some aspect of management, administration or custody is carried out in the bailiwick increased by £0.9bn (1.4%) over the quarter to £63.7bn. Since 31 March 2018, the net asset value of this sector has increased by £10.8bn (20.5%).

• Gross asset values and gearing The gross asset value of Guernsey open-ended funds as at 31 March 2019 was £57.4bn, implying an average gearing level of 29.8%. The gross asset value represents an increase of £1.1bn since 31 December 2018.

In the closed-ended sector, the gearing level is lower, with gross asset values of £191.2bn (December 2018: £194.5bn) implying a gearing level of 9.3%.

The gearing implicit in non-Guernsey open-ended collective investment schemes is approximately 0.6%, based on gross asset values of £64bn (December 2018: £63bn).

The detailed statistics are available here

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