Chambers releases Global Guide 2020 ranking

Posted: 14/02/2020

Chambers & Partners' Global Guide for 2020 has ranked Guernsey and Jersey law firms and lawyers in a number of practice areas.

The law firms and lawyers are ranked in bands from 1 (highest) to 6 (lowest), assessed on qualities including technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial astuteness, diligence and commitment.


Corporate & Finance including Investment Funds 
Band 1 - Carey Olsen
Band 2 – Mourant, Ogier
Band 3 – Appleby, Babbé, Bedell Cristin, Collas Crill, Walkers

Senior Statespeople – Graham Hall, Carey Olsen
Band 1 – Ben Morgan, Carey Olsen; Gavin J Farrell, Ferbrache & Farrell
Band 2 – Andrew Boyce, Carey Olsen; Christopher Anderson, Carey Olsen; Frances Watson, Mourant; Paul Wilkes, Collas Crill; Tom Carey, Carey Olsen
Band 3 – Annette Alexander, Carey Olsen; Caroline Chan, Mourant; Craig Cordle, Ogier; Darren Bacon, Mourant; David Crosland, Carey Olsen; Helen Wyatt, Mourant; Jeremy Berchem, Appleby; John Lewis, Mourant; John Rochester, Mourant; Kate Ovenden, Bedell Cristin; Matt Sanders, Walkers; Sam Shires, Walkers; Stuart Tyler, Babbé; Tony Lane, Carey Olsen
Associates to watch – Andrew Lister, Carey Olsen; James Cooke, Carey Olsen; Natalie Le Cras, Ferbrache & Farrell

Dispute Resolution
Band 1
– Mourant
Band 2 – Babbé, Carey Olsen, Collas Crill, Ogier
Band 3 – AFR Advocates, Bedell Cristin
Band 4 – Ferbrache & Farrell, Walkers

Eminent Practitioners – Peter Ferbrache, Ferbrache & Farrell
Band 1 – Ian Swan, Babbé; Jeremy Wessels, Mourant; John Greenfield, Carey Olsen; Simon Davies, Ogier
Band 2 – Alasdair Davidson, Bedell Cristin; Gordon Dawes, Mourant; Jon Barclay, Bedell Cristin; Mark Dunster, Carey Olsen; Mathew Newman, Ogier; Paul Richardson, AFR Advocates; Robert G Shepherd, Mourant; Tim C Corfield, Carey Olsen
Band 3 – Alison Ozanne, Walkers; Anna Guggenheim QC, Babbé; Anthony Williams, Appleby; Christian Hay, Collas Crill; Christopher Edwards, Mourant; Elaine Gray, Carey Olsen; Gareth Bell, Collas Crill; Jeremy Le Tissier, Ashton Barnes Tee; Karen Le Cras, Carey Olsen; Mark Ferbrache, AFR Advocates; Nick Robison, Babbé; Sarah Brehaut, Walkers; Todd McGuffin, Babbé
Up and Coming – Adam Cole, Ferbrache & Farrell; David Jones, Carey Olsen

Band 1
– Carey Olsen
Band 2 – Mourant, Ogier
Band 3 – Collas Crill, Walkers

Senior Statespeople – Simon Howitt, Babbé
Band 1 – Russell Clark, Carey Olsen
Band 2 – Angela Calnan, Collas Crill; Gavin Ferguson, Ogier; Konrad Friedlaender, Carey Olsen; Matthew Guthrie, Mourant
Band 3 – Alison MacKrill, Appleby; Nicholas Donnithorne, Babbé; Rajah Abusrewil, Walkers
Up and Coming – Patricia Montgomery, Carey Olsen; Rupert Morris, Walker
Associates to watch – Alice Bricogne, Ogier; Catherine Moore, Mourant


Corporate and Finance
Band 1 – Carey Olsen, Mourant, Ogier
Band 2 – Bedell Cristin
Band 3 – Appleby, Walkers

Band 1 – Robert Hickling, Mourant
Band 2 – Alasdair Hunter, Bedell Cristin; Alex Ohlsson, Carey Olsen; Gareth Rigby, Mourant; Guy Coltman, Carey Olsen; Katrina Edge, Ogier; Raulin Amy, Ogier; Timothy W J Pearce, Bedell Cristin; Wendy Benjamin, Appleby
Band 3 – Alexandra Corner, Walkers; Andrew Weaver, Appleby; Chris Byrne, Maples Group; James Hill, Mourant; Kate Andrews, Carey Olsen; Mark T Dunlop, Bedell Cristin; Matthew Shaxson, Ogier; Nigel Weston, Walkers; Peter German, Carey Olsen; Richard Daggett, Ogier; Robin Smith, Carey Olsen; Simon Dinning, Ogier; Simon Gould, Mourant
Up and Coming – Edward Scott, Dickinson Gleeson

Dispute Resolution
Band 1
– Bedell Cristin, Carey Olsen, Mourant
Band 2 – Appleby, Baker & Partners, Collas Crill, Ogier
Band 3 – BCR Law, Dickinson Gleeson, Oben Law, Walkers

Eminent Practitioners – David Cadin, Bedell Cristin; Edward Mackereth, Ogier; Michael O'Connell, Appleby
Star Individuals – Jonathan Speck, Mourant
Band 1 – Bruce Lincoln, Mourant; Stephen Baker, Baker & Partners
Band 2 – Andreas Kistler, Carey Olsen; Damian James, Collas Crill; Fraser Robertson, Appleby; James Dickinson, Dickinson Gleeson; James Gleeson, Dickinson Gleeson; John Kelleher, Carey Olsen; Michael Cushing, Appleby; Nigel Sanders, Walkers; Nuno Santos-Costa, Collas Crill; William Redgrave, Baker & Partners
Band 3 – Damian Evans, Ogier; David Benest, BCR Law; David Wilson, Oben Law; Edward Drummond, Bedell Cristin; Justin Harvey-Hills, Mourant; Marcus Pallot, Carey Olsen; Mark Renouf, Seymour Law; Mark Taylor, Bedell Cristin; Nick Williams, Ogier; Robert Gardner, Bedell Cristin; Simon Thomas, Baker & Partners
Up and Coming – Jared Dann, Appleby; Stephen Alexander, Mourant
Associates to watch – James Sheedy, Baker & Partners

Investment Funds
Band 1
– Carey Olsen, Mourant
Band 2 – Ogier
Band 3 – Appleby, Bedell Cristin

Senior Statespeople – Jacqueline Richomme, Mourant
Band 1 – Ben Robins, Mourant; Emily Haithwaite, Ogier; James Mulholland, Carey Olsen; Joel Hernandez, Mourant
Band 2 – Andrew Weaver, Appleby; Niamh Lalor, Ogier; Robert Milner, Carey Olsen; Timothy Morgan, Mourant
Band 3 – Daniel O'Connor, Carey Olsen; Martin Paul, Bedell Cristin
Up and Coming – Alistair Horn, Mourant; Dilmun Leach, Collas Crill; Felicia De Laat, Mourant
Associates to watch – Gabby Kellogg, Mourant

Band 1
– Mourant, Ogier
Band 2 – Bedell Cristin, Carey Olsen, Walkers
Band 3 – Collas Crill, Dickinson Gleeson, Ward Yates

Star Individuals – Jonathan Speck, Mourant; Steve Meiklejohn, Ogier
Band 1 – Edward Devenport, Mourant; Giles Corbin, Mourant; Sally A Edwards, Ogier; Zillah Howard, Bedell Cristin
Band 2 – Edward Bennett, Bedell Cristin; Fraser Robertson, Appleby; James Campbell, Ogier; Robert Dobbyn, Walkers; Siobhan Riley, Carey Olsen; Victoria Yates, Ward Yates
Band 3 – Bruce Lincoln, Mourant; Craig Swart, Dickinson Gleeson; Damian James, Collas Crill; David Dorgan, Appleby; Katherine Neal, Ogier; Kellyann Ozouf, Collas Crill; Nancy Chien, Bedell Cristin; Nigel Pearmain, Voisin; Simon Franckel, Oben Law
Up and Coming – Alexa Saunders, Carey Olsen; Josephine Howe, Ogier

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