BL's Wealth Edition asks whether the US is a massive tax haven

Posted: 26/04/2016

BL44 CoverThe Panama Papers have dominated the headlines since the beginning of April, as interested parties pore over the revelations from the leaked documents. This may well have provided some welcome relief for certain US states who were coming under scrutiny for their own allegedly ‘shady’ financial dealings.

The latest issue of BL magazine – the annual wealth edition – leads with goings-on in the US, and questions whether, for all the financial power it seems to wield over other nations and jurisdictions, it is nothing more than a big tax haven itself.

Other features in the May/June edition include:
• The impact of geopolitics on wealth management
• How Middle Eastern families are structuring wealth in the west
• The influx of hedge funds into the Channel Islands
• An interview with Steve Spybey, Group Chief Operations Officer at Hawksford
• How increased regulation is eroding privacy
• The impending changes to UK non-dom status
• Making a difference with impact investing
• Whether retirement is set to become a thing of the past
• What happens when you suddenly come into money?
• How Luxury London property is still attracting investors
• And much more…

Nick Kirby, Editor-in-Chief of BL magazine, commented: “With the focus once more on offshore jurisdictions, and hysterical media reports on evil tax dodgers, we decided to turn the spotlight back on one of the accusers and examine how the US itself is far from squeaky clean.”

The magazine will be available from its usual distribution points next week.

For those who can’t wait to see the print version, issue 44 is now available online. Click here to see the latest edition.

The US article is also available separately online at the BL website

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